Friday, June 3, 2011

In Conclusion

After much reflection and meditation of this five-year journey regarding my research and involvement in the Department of the Interior/Bureau of Land Management’s execution of the Wild Horse and Burro Program, I have reached a decision and am announcing my retirement.

While I will no longer be involved in any new analysis, please continue to read, review and build upon the documents, links and prior postings in American Herds as sources of information, education, history, and interconnected relationships in what appears to be the ongoing perpetuation of a broken, inhumane and fraudulent Program whose criminal activities have been swept under the rug and covered up for decades.

Over this time, I have accumulated a wide variety of environmental assessments, reports and related documents that I hope to periodically upload to American Herds in order to make them available for those who seek to know more of the truth about what has – and is – really occurring behind the scenes of the sound byte propaganda continually regurgitated by industry related enemies of America’s remaining “free” wild horse and burro populations. Please check back occasionally for new material that may be of assistance in learning and knowing more about these issues.

I would also like to deeply thank the untold number of citizens and grass roots activists I have had the distinct honor and pleasure to work with during this time. Your dedication to the well being of our herds, pursuit of the truth, and infinite sacrifices has been truly humbling.

Cindy MacDonald