Thursday, February 26, 2009

In Memory Of...

On February 23, 2009, Richard Sewing, 79, was involved in a vehicle collision that claimed his life. Mr. Sewing was currently serving on the National Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board as the Humane Advocacy Representative as well as being the heart of the National Mustang Association.

While I did not know Mr. Sewing personally and know I am not qualified to write a fitting memorial, what I did know of him urges me to say THANK YOU for all his dedication and compassion for working tirelessly to protect America’s mustangs and burros.

I first learned of Mr. Sewing and the National Mustang Association through BLM’s Battle Mountain WH&B Specialist Shawna Richardson. She referred me to Mr. Sewing due to one of the many projects he was involved in, which included financing and installing solar pumps at suitable well locations so wild horses and burros could continue to drink during long summer months.

Later, I ran into Mr. Sewing’s work again through a grazing allotment BLM had authorized that was, for all practical purposes, a wild horse sanctuary for adopted mustangs overseen by Mr. Sewing himself. As far as I know, this is the one and only authorization of its kind on public lands done solely for the benefit of adopted mustangs.

While I may not know everything wonderful to be said about Mr. Sewing and for that I am truly regretful, it seems to me that he had dedicated his life for many years through generous commitments in both time and money to the preservation and protection of wild horses and burros on the range.

From his work, I would also venture to say he had a unique ability to both understand the system and tried to work within it to find alternative solutions and partnerships for “on the range management” of America’s mustangs and burros whenever possible.

So, Mr. Sewing, for all you have done, for all you tried to do,
Thank You.


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