Friday, August 24, 2007

Horse Sense

For thousands of years, horses and burros carried us to where we are today. Since the arrival of the automobile, many believe that horses and burros have become obsolete, their roles merely relegated to uses of pleasure and companionship.

Those intimate with horses have always known they possess good judgment, unlike humans, which are easily fooled by appearances, fancy words, and liars of sincerity. A horse can “smell a rat” and their common sense has long been recognized and coined by the term “horse sense”.

Burros too are known to possess great common sense, a virtue that we humans seem to have lost somewhere in our march for an often illusionary based techno-culture.

It’s been said that the legendary stubbornness of a burro comes from its ability to recognize a bad idea when it sees one and no matter how hard its “master” tries to convince the burro otherwise, a bad idea is a bad idea and the burro will not budge. Just picture a forty-niner miner trying to get a burro to go up a steep cliff with loads too heavy to balance, all because they are blinded by the pot of gold at the end!

Today, witnessing a world that too often seems to be spiraling out of control, a general lack of common sense prevails and what we need is a good dose of “horse sense” to help us find our way again.

As we watch the presidential candidates parroting their politically correct speeches in their bid to steer our country, trying to figure out who’s ethical, who’s telling the truth, who really stands for the values our Nation was founded on, why not ask the wild horses and burros who the best candidate is? It’s that simple!

All you have to do is ask a presidential hopeful what their policy will be on protecting and preserving wild horses and burros. What they tell you will speak volumes as to the kind of leader they will be.

If they respond that wild horses and burros need to be controlled and removed to “protect the range”, it is a sure sign that they are in league with those who seek to exploit our natural resources merely for profit with no consideration of the consequences - definitely not someone we want steering our country and our children’s future.

If they respond that they will have to “study the issue”, it clearly shows that they are stalling to prevent any sort of commitment on record. This would indicate someone that lacks courage, is a flip-flopper and will not respect or honor the laws and promises made to the American people.

If they refuse to answer at all, you can be sure that this is how they will run their administration – through secrecy, stonewalling, avoidance and lack of any accountability to the American people regarding their actions or policies.

If they respond quickly and take the stance that a promise is a promise, that they believe in honoring the laws established to preserve and protect them, you know you have a candidate who is ethical, honorable, willing to take responsibility for their actions, and will care about our country more than just whatever they can exploit while they serve in their capacity as President of the United States of America.

So if you want to know who will make the best leader, just use some “horse sense” and ask the candidates where they stand on the issue of preservation and protection of the wild free-roaming horses and burros of the West. How they respond will take you directly to the heart of their future leadership.

My personal pick is for Dennis Kucinich, Democratic Representative from Ohio. Why? In an otherwise spineless House, not only did he have the backbone to initiate actions to impeach Dick Cheney and hold the current administration accountable for their horrendous violations, both nationally and international, but he has already testified and supported the wild horses and burros of the West against formidable opponents. Obviously, he is a man of integrity who is ethically, not politically and financially based.


Anonymous said...

Kucinich is also one of the long-time leaders of the Progressive Party within the U.S. Congress. Progressive is the nice term for the Communist Party of the U.S. whose founders and members have always denounced private ownership of land and use any excuse - including wild horses - for taking all land under government ownership.

Anonymous said...

Well written introductory article. As to the "private ownership" versus "government ownership" it is pure rhetoric It is ALL under the CONROL of "non-existent entities licensed to do business". That is the legal definition for CORPORATIONS. Maybe it is time for all of us to stop be distracted with waving our banners and take a serious look at who/what are really running things. However, I believe the author's intention is to try to stimulate discussion/debate about that which is in the best interest of the horses. I doubt that the BLM's policies of rounding them up with heliocopters - very dangerous for the horses - to ship most of them off to slaughter houses is in our or the animals best interest. Of course they "adopt out" a few TOKEN animals to divert attenion from their "evil" policies and enhance their bogus "caretaker" image.