Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Symbols Of

In 1971, due to overwhelming outcry and support by the American people, the wild free-roaming horses and burros of America became the first and last of their kind; the only two species to ever have a National law established solely for their protection and preservation.


Regardless of the history or culture, we have always deeply connected to animals, weaving them or what they symbolize into the fabric of our daily lives. Often, these connections have been religious or spiritual in nature, as the essence of the animal was perceived as embodying a desirable trait, value, or ability that humans wished to emulate or draw from.

So what is it about wild horses and burros that called to the spirit of the American people to declare them a National icon? Here are some thoughts.....

-Spirit of the Horse-

Much like the men and women who explored these vast and untamed lands, some wild horses would rather die than be enslaved. Wild horses exude a fierce independence that is never wholly broken and even today, a captured wild horse may break their neck or legs trying to escape a life of domesticity, restriction, and confinement.

Despite millenniums of bondage, the wild horse’s journey back to its natural free-roaming state was a very short trip indeed. The shackles of servitude slid easily off their backs as they began to roam their native lands, returning once again to what 56 million years of North American evolution had created – total self-reliance and superior adaptation in harmony with their environment.

Breathtakingly beautiful to behold, their wild state conveys tremendous passion, strength, courage and raw power. Embodying the very essence of freedom, they reach deep inside the human heart, invoking memories of our ancient past, resonating with our inner longing for Liberty, that inalienable right and self-evident truth that we declared would be the foundation of our Nation.

Is it any wonder the wild horse has been subjected to such persecution, harassment and death? For those ruled by fear of the unknown, that value dominance, conformity, subordination, servitude, and security, the essence of the wild horse is a constant threat; a living, breathing reminder and symbol of our necessity for freedom to nourish and illuminate the soul.

-Spirit of the Burro-

Gentle and humble, the burro embodies patience, perseverance, endurance and the ability to carry overwhelming burdens for great distances. Like the majority of those who came to America with a dream, hoping for a future beyond their culturally destined fate as a “common man”, it was through their labor and toil that our Nation was built, brick by brick, stone by stone, through sheer tenacity, unyielding will and continuous sacrifice.

Incredibly intelligent and wise, the wild burro is one of the most unappreciated and discarded of all of mankind’s animal tools, much like the “common man” himself.

What else do the wild horses and burros of America represent?


Rodger said...

Great Job! Well written, looking forward to your next installment. I've added your blog to my daily reading list. Now get the word out!

Clark Mountain Grandma said...

WOW CINDY this is great!

You have came a long way in such a short time. The horses and burros truly have a friend in you.

You bet you will see us here. Tomorrow is a big work day up a Wild Burro Rescue and Sanctuary peraring for the 14 Clark, Centenial and Johnnie animals. And yes I am going no matter if the IV is still in I will take bags of fluids to run if needed.

Thanks so much for the space so people an come together.

Clark Mountain Grandma

Anonymous said...

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Julianne said...

Cindy, thanks for setting this up. Let me tell you want is going on in Arizona

1) Heber Wild Horses: There are about 200-600 wild horses in the Heber territory that the Forest Service is in the process of developing a Horse Management Plan. This is a result of wild horse advocates intervention on the proposed round up and removal by the Forest Service about 2 years ago. There is a court stipulated agreement for them to accomodate the horses, but we are anticipating they will still attempt to call the herds "trepass horses" and dumpt them on the Az State Agriculature department.

2) The Cerbat's, located about 5 miles north of Kingman are only about 60 horses. Myself and other Arizonian's have formed the Cerbat Preservation Society. We want to campaign on behalf of the horses and serve as an advisory, oversight group to the BLM.

3) I am also working on the Sheldon horses in the Sheldon-Hart refuge. The best chance they are have is through legislation mandated by Congress.

For those that want to join me in these efforts, contact

Also, do you want to post my op-ed published on the wild horses?