Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Dangerous Horse

Due to the November 17, 2008, National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board Meeting receiving International Live coverage thanks to funding provided by Horse Power of Nevada for Sierra Nevada Community Access Television's educational services, many have requested a written version of this public comment submitted to the Advisory Board.

Today, we gather to discuss what may be the "Final Solution" for over 30,000 wild horses and burros now warehoused in government pens; the end of a long trail of easily verifiable malfeasance of such magnitude that only a Congressional investigation could begin to reveal.

While I could spend my three minutes trying to cover hundreds of statistics and documents to expose BLM's "management" that has led to the supposed crisis of "excess" wild horses and burros whose very lives are now in jeopardy, instead I am chosing to speak for one that the issue of euthanasia is now a moot point, as he is already dead.

I hold in my hand a Memo dated July 28, 2008, written by Dr. Albert Kane, BLMs lead liason for their contract with Animal Plant Health Inspection Services. In this memo, Dr. Kane explains why he recommended euthanizing a 10-year old bay stud during the recent removals of the Nevada Wild Horse Range wild horses.

These are the reasons cited by Dr. Kane that authorized the killing of this wild stallion.

*He did not stay close or mix with other horses.

*He was very aggressive towards other horses.

*He ran past BLM personnel when they were trying to sort horses.

*He showed no fear or "respect" for humans.

*These characteristics were deemed more dangerous than "normal" wild characteristics.

Instead of releasing this one lone stallion back out on a range of 1.3 million acres, BLM supported Dr. Kane's recommendation to put a bullet in his head in case he was gathered again and posed the same "risk" in the future.

In reading the official documents published on Wild Horse & Burro Management over the last several years, it is easy to see, too often an utter lack of respect is given by those charged with safeguarding these magnificent wild animals held in trust for the American people.

It is also easy to see these government officials have no fear of the public, of blatantly subverting the laws that govern them or of being held accountable for their decisions.

And so, I would like to recommend following Dr. Kane's lead as the agency has become aloof from other people, have demonstrated extremely aggressive behavior towards wild horses and burros in the WH&B Program and therefore, they too should be "put down" to relieve the public's suffering from continued mis-management, as their wildly uncontrolled behavior is now posing a serious danger to the American people and to our wild horses and burros they were suppose to protect.

Cindy MacDonald
November 17, 2008

Click Here to read Dr. Kane's July 28, 2008 Memo that authorized the death of the 10-year old Nevada Wild Horse Range bay stallion.

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Anonymous said...

Amen! Even the ballot box no longer works for "we the people" because the liars whom we elect only tell those lies to get elected, and then immediately follow the money. What was that word the French used so many years ago? Guillotine? Ah, yes. Guillotine.