Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Letter To The Hopefuls

For too long, We the People, have been forced to look on as our representatives, officials and public servants have declared war on our Nation and our citizenry. Our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our civil liberties and our right to meaningfully petition our government against grievances being committed against us is blatantly being subverted.

At the inception of our Nation, great principles were laid for our foundation, igniting the Spirit of Truth in all people, that our Creator has endowed us with certain inalienable rights and among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Our forefathers understood through the tyranny they had overcome, that liberty is as essential to Life as life itself and this truth must be safeguarded and protected at all costs. The greatness of our Nation can only flourish if our essential liberties and the principles for which they stand are honored with firm commitments and unwavering hearts by those chosen to uphold and declare allegiance to them.

Throughout history, in every culture, humankind has recognized our bonds with our animal brethren and we have incorporated them both in our daily needs as well as weaving the qualities of their Spirit into the very fabric of our existence.

It was not coincidence that the American people and our Congress overwhelmingly and unanimously acknowledged our deep and abiding connections to the horse and burro and in 1971, we set about to honor those connections by lawfully mandating their right to freedom, preservation and protection through the passage of the Wild Free-Roaming Horse & Burro Act.

There are many that also believe it is not coincidence that the attack on the Spirit of America as a Nation is entwined with the attack on these majestic icons and symbols of our freedom, chosen because they represented our own pioneering spirit, independence, and fierce need for liberty after millenniums of enslavement.

In the last few years, we have watched over seventy thousand of America’s wild horses and burros being cleansed from public lands while all protests have been ignored and our representatives fail to repeal the dishonorable and unethical “secret” amendment that slaughtered what little protection for them had still remained intact.

As we have watched our wild free-roaming horses and burros being stripped from our lands, we have watched our citizenry being stripped of even the most basic human rights, both justified through fabrications that cannot withstand the light of truth!

While these symbols of our freedom are being replaced by corporate livestock interests, we see how many of our representatives no longer represent us but seek instead to lay a new foundation for America; envisioning the populace as nothing more than a corporately owned resource such as these same cattle and sheep – human animals - to be exploited, manipulated, managed, herded and harvested for the benefit of the few.

Those lands, once dedicated for the preservation of the wild free-roaming horses and burros are also increasingly becoming the exclusive lands of the hunted and the hunter.

So too, as we attempt to exercise our inalienable rights; free speech, free ideas, independent thought and to protest against wrongs committed against us and the principles and laws of our Nation, we see how we are becoming the hunted, increasingly targeted by sharp shooters for an economic elite who have no allegiance to the people or to our Nation, only to the highest bidder in what has become the frenzied auctioning of America!!!

As a candidate that seeks to represent the United States, we urge you to recognize the inseparable connection between our legally declared national icons and their right to exist peacefully in freedom with the rights of the American people to live peacefully in freedom – not in the bonds of domestic enslavement cloaked in the rhetoric of security but in securing domestic tranquility born from a life lived in true liberty!!!

If you ask us to choose you as our leader, we ask that you choose to listen to the People! Not just those hand picked and carefully crafted experts that insulate you from the truth, those who have your ear and lobby with lies, but that you listen to our cries for justice - for justice has become a hollow illusion for a citizenry who has no means to purchase it.

We also ask that you choose to strongly affirm your commitment to our wild free-roaming horses and burros and the independent spirit they represent, that you will actively seek to preserve and protect the laws that once guaranteed their rights as you equally seek to preserve and protect our rights, for these are the heritage of our Nation and what once made America the Light of the World!

It is only through this strong affirmation that we will know you are worthy of honorably leading us into the future through your allegiance to our laws, our liberties, and our National sovereignty. Anything less at this critical juncture in America’s history is unacceptable!

Question To The Hopefuls:
In 1971, wild horses and burros were declared national icons and symbols of freedom. Yet over 70,000 have been stripped from public lands in the last few years with more being held in government containment pens than now roam free. The majority of those now remaining on public lands are little more than token herds with most being “managed for extinction”.

What will you do to investigate this travesty and restore the laws that guaranteed their protection and preservation for future generations?

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Larry Jones said...

Once again American Herds tells it like it is. I enjoy your articles and agree with what you are trying to do. Too bad you can't shut down BLM as well as their mouth pieces such as Willis Lamm. Too bad so many people in the west want rid of the horses.
Larry Jones
L B Ranch Mustangs