Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Top Ten

Whispering Winds Mustang Ranch, located just South of Roseburg, OR, has recently announced the expansion of their Rescue Facilities.

Specializing in wild horses, Whispering Winds Mustang Ranch is the largest wild horse rescue in the Pacific Northwest and has been included by SaveDaHorses as among their October Top Ten Rescues for Donations List.

We are proud of the absolute dedication Whispering Winds founders, Tom and Susan Pohlman have shown towards helping America’s wild horses in need. Their place on SaveDaHorses Top Ten Rescues is well deserved as their unrelenting devotion and volunteering of time, energy, money and help have earned them a solid reputation in the “Who’s Who” of caring and compassionate Sanctuaries.

Click to learn more about Whisper Winds Mustang Ranch and all they do!

The Top Ten Rescues listed by SaveDaHorses are cited as the front line organizations that protect horses from abuse, neglect, slaughter issues and rescue horses from otherwise hopeless situations. Throughout October, SaveDaHorses is conducting a vote to determine the #1 Rescue on the Top Ten List based on community input and donations.

To vote and donate to your favorite Rescue, go to SaveDaHorses Top Ten Rescues.

SaveDaHorses is a powerful website that graphically portrays horse slaughter, horse abuse and horse neglect, the majority of which is the result of solely promoting the financial interests of our current economic royalists, regardless of the abhorrent moral or ethical methods used to line their pockets.

Articles and links on BLM Corruption and the Congressional Sell Out of Americas Wild Horses & Burros are also included on the SaveDaHorses website.

Find out why your support of these Top Ten Rescues is so important as they struggle to overcome the vast resources used by America’s rich and powerful that continue to promote agendas of greed at the expense of untold suffering to American horses everywhere.

As mentioned, these Rescues are the front lines of HOPE, whose staff and members tirelessly and generously give of themselves to make the world a better place for us and the horses they rescue from grim and often times, indescribable bloody fates.

As much as these Rescues do, they can’t do it alone…
So please vote and donate to your favorite Top Ten Rescue today!

America’s Horses
!Thank You!


Anonymous said...

Wow sounds like a lot of bad press for BLM but not all facilities are bad. I have seen my self the care that is given from the wranglers making sure the animals are cared for after gathering. I have seen the improvements which help in better care for these wild horses. Don't forget about all the wonderful stories of succesful adopters. And for the failed adopters those people should never have any horses. I blame horse owners that get not just a mustang but any horse and gives up on their care. I feel sorry for the senior equines that no one wants anymore because it is expencive to care for a senior horse so they try to dump them or they end up starving them. Yes the abuse is high everywhere not just BLM as you say. Becarefull not to save too many yourself and then not be able to care for them. I see that happen also. I have six mustangs and they are well cared for even my almost 30 year old. I also help on a smaller scale. I took in an abused mustang that was headed for slaughter and she is now in a loveing home. lets not place blame but try to help in a positive way for the horses sake!

Anonymous said...

IF BLM is abusing mustangs then THE TRUTH SHOULD BE TOLD. Please don't stick up for BLM if they are doing wrong (to Anonymous on October 28, 2007). Please don't be wishy-washy.

The ONLY way that RIGHTS will be done is if the WRONGS are published. This will help people to see that HELP is really needed for these wonderful mustangs.