Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Little Miss Sunshine

Last week, Nevada veteran reporter George Knapp shared his thoughts on his recent interview with BLMs Nevada Wild Horse and Burro Lead, Susie Stokke, through the Knappsters opinion piece titled, BLMs Optimism Is Deadly published in Las Vegas City Life magazine.

The interview was conducted just hours after BLMs announcement of the salmonella outbreak and pneumonia related deaths of over 130 wild horses at the Palomino Valley holding facilities in Northern Nevada.

The Knappster held little back as he pondered Ms. Stokkes overflowing optimism, bubbly responses to a long list of allegations of inappropriate management in the wild horse and burro program, and continuously upbeat prognosis for Nevada’s wild horses and burros.

Dubbing Ms. Stokke “Little Miss Sunshine”, it seems George found little substance behind her beaming rays as he attempted to get some real answers to serious questions about what is really going on in the wild horse and burro program.

You can read the Knappsters own words about the interview at-

George Knapp is a long time investigative reporter that has dedicated himself to providing truth to the people on a wide variety of issues, among these a staunch refusal to allow the real stories behind wild horse and burro “management” to be swept under the rug. The Knappster can be reached at

Letters to the Editors at Las Vegas City Life Magazine can be sent to and everyone is encouraged to thank City Life for sharing this “alternative look” at BLMs approach to wild horses and burros placed in their care.

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